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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by ChibiLeafeon on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:18 am


Welcome to Any Rp,
a place where you can role play with friends.
These are the main rules for the Any RP forum. We will have certain rule sections in the Main RolePlay Center and the Restricted RolePlay Area. Since they are differnt, they will therefor have different rules but these rules posted here will have affect throughout the whole site so please read them all for a safe warning and to be user friendly.

If any rules are broken, you will get a warning, depending on which one you have a broken. If you have broken one that is minor, a waring will be given, if you get up to three warnings, you will be suspended for a few days. If you come back and continue to break rules, you will be banned for a month. If you continue these actions, permanent ban will be insued.

(Some rules will not matter in certain RolePlay.)

1. Please no harsh language, at least not in general chatting..some kids may be here. Also, course language is allowed, in RolePlay to a certain extent due to some finding it offensive. (Minor Warning)

2. Please no web bullying, why would you want to bully someone in the first place? It's so mean, if you are reported or seen by any Moderators doing this you will get a serious warning. No Bullying! (Servere Warning)

3. No Roleplaying is allowed anywhere on the site unless it is in one of the RolePaly Center's please, that is why they were created. This is minor, but please do not do it. (Minor)

4. No powerplay or god modding. It's not fair or fun for other players when someone does this! For those of you do not know what this is, it is when someone is basically so powerful they never get hurt, never die and can magically solve everything. Please do not do this, if you are caught doing this often, you will recieve a warning. (Minor Warning)

5. No Sexual Links/Pictures! That is not what this site was created for! Please do not send that to anyone in Pm's unless they asked you for it! Don't send things like that to anyone or post them on the forums! If anyone reports and if they are caught posting Sex related pictures here they are instantly banned without a warning!

6. Sex Related Posts - Please refer to the Restricted RolePlay Center for the Rules there.

7. Fairness. Please, be fair in the Role Play, and have fun...these refers to Rule 1. , 2. , and 3.


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